Be Inspired

Inspiration is powerful. When we’re inspired, we unlock things inside that God has placed there for His purposes. And to be inspired, we begin with being in God’s presence. In this episode of The Bottom Line, Pastor Jeff Johnson hands us the keys to being inspired and living the life God has for us.

The Bottom Line is a weekly video podcast with Pastor Jeff Johnson from San Jacinto Assembly in San Jacinto, California. Get the weekly service recap in about 5 minutes with The Bottom Line. #SJAChurch #SJALive

Connection Card

Memory Verses: John 10:10


  1. We need peaceful prayer everyday.
  2. We need to live in close proximity to inspirational people.
  3. We need to saturate ourselves with input that gives us inspirational payback.
  4. We need to be thankful in our thoughts every day.
  5. We need to work at simplifying our lives by un-cluttering our calendar.
  6. We need to choose do something for someone else every day.