Enjoy the Ride – Session 2

If someone gave you a really great gift, but you hid it away, or worse yet, told others it was no good, wouldn’t you be denying the giver? In the same way, many of us deny the gifts God has given us and refuse to share with others. In this episode of The Bottom Line, Pastor Jeff Johnson takes a closer look at what it means to live generously with the gifts we’ve received.

The Bottom Line is a weekly video podcast with Pastor Jeff Johnson from San Jacinto Assembly in San Jacinto, California. Get the weekly service recap in about 5 minutes with The Bottom Line. #SJAChurch #SJALive

Memory Verse Philippians 4:10-19
  1. Focus first on the Kingdom.
  2. Money is not a bad thing. It can be a wonderful tool.
  3. Follow direction of the Holy Spirit.