Making Steps Count – Reconnaissance

Before any military campaign begins, there is reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and informed decision making. In this episode of The Takeaway, Pastor Nick Smith gives us the low down on what we can expect when God is calling us to action.

The Takeaway is a weekly video podcast with Pastor Jeff Johnson from San Jacinto Assembly in San Jacinto, California. Get the weekly service recap in about 5 minutes with The Takeaway.

Connection Card

Memory Verse: Joshua 1:16

Extra Reading: Numbers 13John 4Deuteronomy 31:7-8, Psalm 139:1-6, Luke 6:31, Psalm 91

Main Points
  1. Do your reconnaissance before the mission.
  2. God uses the unexpected
  3. Let God go ahead of you
  4. Be generous to those who help you
  5. Make sure you are following God’s plan