Summer on the Mount – Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Many times, the distractions of life and our own focus on outward appearances block us from seeing God in our lives. In this episode of The Takeaway, Pastor Nick Smith helps us take off the blinders, to be pure in heart, and see God.

The Takeaway is a weekly video podcast with Pastor Jeff Johnson from San Jacinto Assembly in San Jacinto, California. Get the weekly service recap in about 5 minutes with The Takeaway. #SJAChurch #SJALive #TheTakeaway

Connection Card

Memory Verse: Matthew 5:8

Further Reading: Luke 11:37-541 Timothy 1:5Proverbs 24:3-4Psalm 51:7-10


  1. Outward vs. Inward Purity
  2. Focus on God
  3. Purity isn’t living perfectly, it is living intentionally.