Pun'kin Palooza is coming October 16th! This is our first annual fall celebration, and we're so excited to enjoy some time with our SJA friends and family.

Bakin' Contest

For the bakers in our family, here's your chance to show off your skills. We're looking for pumpkin desserts and we're ready to eat a whole mess of 'em! Pastor Jeff will be joined by a panel of judges to present the Judge's Choice award, while the congregation will get to vote to award the People's Choice Award for best pumpkin dessert! The competition will be fierce, but delicious.

Read the Rules

  1. Dishes may not be store bought.
  2. Except for toppings, dishes must be complete before being submitted.
  3. There is a limited amount of refrigerator space, so please let us know if your dessert won't survive the church service.
  4. Dishes should be submitted by 9:30am
  5. Judging criteria
    • Presentation
    • Taste
    • Best use of pumpkin
    • Clever name
  6. Contestants may not submit more than one dessert of the same variety (e.g., 2 cookie recipes). However, contestants may submit more than one dessert of different varieties (e.g., one pie recipe, one cookie recipe)
  7. Contestants bring
    • 1 full sample for display
    • 1 full sample for judging
    • Enough for 100 people to sample (cookies and cakes will be cubed, pies and custards will be spooned with small sampler spoons)
  8. SJA volunteers cut and prep samples for Peoples’ Choice
  9. Contestants should prep samples for Judge’s Choice
  10. All samples should be identical
  11. Your entry should have a clever name (e.g., Dunkin Pun'kin Donuts). However, the item's name must not identify the contestant (e.g., Jenny's Cupcakes). All entries for Judge's Choice will be anonymous.

Pun'kin Decoratin' Contest

Bust out your decorating skills and show off with our Pun’kin Decoratin’ contest! Do ‘em up pretty, or silly… just don’t do gross or scary. We’ve seen people’s plans already and we’re going to have some really great pun’kins. Grab up a pun’kin and start decorating! Bring them in by 9:55am

Read the Rules

  1. Nothing scary
  2. Nothing gross
  3. Pun'kins should be at the display and ready to present by 9:30am

Pun'kin Tossin'

What could be more fun than taking small pun’kins and throwing them at things? Whether you're a novice tosser or an experienced pun'kin pitcher, we bet you'll have a blast tossin' pun'kins at things!

Pettin' Zoo

Thanks to Shirley Maddox, we’ll be having a fun livestock display.

Pun'kins fer Sale

If you're buying pumpkins for decorating, or tossing, or whatever else, we will have pumpkins for sale on 10/9 after service for $4 each.

Yummy Concessions

Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro will be selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes and amazing Cider.

The Kona Ice truck will be here to sell snow cones and other delicious cold stuff.

That's My Dawg will be selling hot dogs and sausages.

Our very own Refuge Youth will be selling pizza and sodas from Little Italy.

Kingdom of Pops will be selling cake pops and caramel apples.

We are located at 300 W. 1st Street in San Jacinto